Sankil Jones is an Austro-Lebanese R&B singer, songwriter, producer and performer most known for his unique vocal sound, extensive range and eclectic dancing style. Born into an artist family in Vienna/Austria and raised in Long Island/New York, Jones spent his childhood and adolescence travelling, singing Gospel, studying the violin and overcoming severe Asthma. He temporarily studied music and dance at the Manhattan School Of Music and the Conservatory Of Vienna and soon played lead parts in musical theatre productions all over Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the UK and on cruise ships travelling all around the world.


Sankil Jones has performed with and for superstars like Mariah Carey, Diana Ross, Boy George and Patti LaBelle, walked the runway at the “Vienna Fashion Week” with Conchita Wurst, was part of the opening ceremony of “Life Ball: 1001 Nights” alongside Adam Lambert and Eva Longoria and was featured in the book “Hellwach in Wien” (Wide awake in Vienna) talking about life as a musician.


The debut album “Firestarter” was released online in November 2010 and contained 11 self-written Soul/Pop songs and included austrian musicians. He followed up with what was to become his signature song: “Fire”, though never officially released, served as an introduction to the “Eurovision Song Contest”, introduced Jones’ trademark use of Caribbean and oriental elements in his music and gained him a loyal fan base. He started performing with a tightly choreographed dance group and appeared in various events and festivals before eventually returning to the studio for new music to follow the success of “Fire”.


In Oct 2015 Sankil Jones finally released his first official single “My All”. With retro sounds and stratospheric vocals the song focuses on Jones’ Soul and Gospel background and catapulted him straight to the national finals of Austria’s pre selection for “Eurovision Song Contest” in February 2016. He came in 4th out of ten with his second single, the beat driven R&B anthem “One More Sound”, and a high energy live performance on national TV.

Sankil Jones is currently finishing work on his second album.